Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Adventures

Well I think it might be time to upgrade nicole to a twin sized bed. She is growing out of her toddler bed very fast! We are very tight on money right now and I want to find something cute and affordable but with low price comes low quality. I found a bedroom SET at K-mart for $239 in our local store. Them same set is $199 online. I am worried that if we do purchase this it won't last long. But...maybe it will last until we do have the money to spend on a real bedroom set for her. I also want her to have a twin sized bed. Ryan seems to think that the full sized guest set we have is fine for her. I have other feelings. I feel like she needs her own bedroom set, cute white, girly, small. I would like to hear everyone's opinions and advice on how to "convince" him to let me get the set I found at k-mart. Check it out here:

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  1. When we bought T's crib we got one that converts, so his crib is now gonna be his full size bed. I like the idea of having a cute, fun room! I'm gonna try to make T's room as fun and boyish as possible!! :-)