Thursday, July 29, 2010


Searching for something to blog about tonight. I have so much I want to vent about, but I am unable because of certain military rules ;-)

So...let's talk about something positive....

I can't think of anything. Good Night

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am so Happy I have to blogggg

It's so wonderful when prayers are answered!

Today we received our official paper orders to a squadron here in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I am actually getting excited. I am not sure why but it is going to be great to step into this new environment. I am eager to get involved with the ombudsman program and possibly serve as an ombudsman for our new squadron. That is one thing I really want to strive for. I feel with the knowledge I have about the Navy, and Hawaii, I would make a wonderful leader and I hope that others can see that to and give me this wonderful opportunity to lead and serve as a navy spouse. I am looking forward to whatever God has planned for Ryan, Nicole and I.

Today we also learned that we have 3 new offers pending for the sale of our home. The highest offer is $255,000 which has been Bank of America's consistent counteroffer to the past buyer offers in previous months. We are hoping that we can finally be done with this whole short-sale process and move on. This whole thing has really been heavy on my heart and quite a stresser. I know the time is soon to where I will not have this burden any longer. So thankful for that!

Since we have official orders I am able to get on the housing list at Pearl Harbor. I need to plan it right to where we would get offered a home within our 30 day window of vacate of our current home in Mililani. I think once Ryan forwards me the papers I will take them to housing and see if they can help me out and to discuss my options. I am really hoping to get into Ford Island housing so I can be close to my dear friend Carmen. I can't think of anywhere else where I would be happier in Pearl housing. Ford Island is my calling and there are no other options for me at this point!

Tomorrow I am getting my lovely Rav 4 detailed and the inside shampooed. This makes me so happy because I do not like a dirty car and I just do not have time, or energy, or supplies to do it myself. Next on the list is an oil change.

I have been seriously considering getting a tattoo. I know!!! I am horrible!!! I want to honor my aunt in some way. I am thinking just a simple pink ribbon on the outside of my ankle where it kind of dips between the back of the ankle and the part that sticks out. I only trust one person to put a tattoo on me. She is Ryan's old roommate from way back, when he lived in Waimanalo. She is here in Hawaii working at a studio for only 2 or so months. I don't have time to question my pain threshold. I just need to do it and get it over with. I am sure its gonna hurt worse when my grandma finds out and she hits me upside the head with her purse! lol. I've also been putting random flower and/or butterfly temporary tattoos on the top of my foot. They are so cute and have got me googling "small butterfly tattoo" ughhhh.....I KNOW I will not turn into my sister and get like 9 all over my chest and ear and whatnot, lol. Love you Rachel :-) I just want a foot tattoo. Maybe I can incorporate a butterfly or flower with a pink ribbon for the top of my time!

Anyways, as far as the getting fit and fab and Operation Sexy Wife goes, I am kind of at a standstill and need to start making more time to get some workouts in. I feel like I don't eat too bad, except tonight had a chicken sandwich from Wendy's, oh sooo good!!! I really need to get my butt in gear because we are almost to our half way mark with deployment and I really want to be in a size 6 by the time my hubby gets home!!! That would mean I would have to lose 2 dress sizes a month. Doesn't seem that hard right?!?!

Well off I go to bed. Hope you all have enjoyed a quick catch up. I am feeling much better after a few much needed vent sessions. Thanks to those who endured them! :-) Goodnight!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tough Week

Ending this week, hoping for next week to be restful and uplifting.

I have had a roller coaster of ups and down and crazy emotions the past few days. It's made me realize that I do have people here I can turn to when I need support. I have always been the one to support others and provide the encouragement. I've just had to open my heart and allow people to come in and help me, help the rock, the strong one, the leader. I've always put on a happy face and hid my hurt and suffering. I was really tested this week with my ability to be 'strong'. I pretty much got a D- on that test but after today I think I deserve extra credit. :-)

Ready to start a new week, new activities, and seeing some old friends that I have missed.

However, I am feeling much better and renewed.

Isaiah 58:9

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thankful for a much needed phone call this morning. Made me feel better to just let it all out. I am supposed to be the strong one. Everyone has their moments I guess. This deployment is much different than the last 2 I went through. I guess it is good to get out there and try and do different things and put yourself in different places so you learn new things.

Relay for Life tonight, have to remember the real reason I am doing this. It's all for my Aunt Patti and our other family members who have battled this horrible disease.

What is wrong with me?!?!

I don't feel like going anywhere or being around anyone...
I can't remember ANYTHING...
I can't lose weight...
I am always tired...

I know, excuses, excuses...I seriously am to the point where I want to do nothing, just stay home, go on my walks around the neighborhood and talk to no one except my family and my husband. I just want to quit everything I am involved in because I feel its not worth the effort I put into it and I am bored with it.

I am done with trying to make everyone happy and making sure I have all the answers. Sometimes I get asked the dumbest questions when the answer is right in front of the person's face. (referencing someone who thinks I am their go-to person for anything and everything).

Wanting to start over from scratch and will not be able to do that since we recently received orders to stay in Hawaii. Same ol'crap I have been dealing with the past 5 years. Yippeee!!

Ready for my mom and sister to move out here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday's weigh in on wednesday....

I lost 3 pounds last week.

I am house/dog sitting in Kaneohe. It's great to be on this side but my new iPhone 4 gets delivered sometime this week and I have to be at MY house to sign for it, or I dont get it. Will probably make the trip over there tomorrow afternoon and see if it comes. Waste of 60 miles of driving, roundtrip.

Gym was nice today, only did the stairmaster for 30 mins, but still feel acomplished. Gonna enjoy a nice walk with my Dayna tonight.

Back to the hubbys spending habits in *********, BLAH!!!! Way to go hun, you have officially spent over the $900 mark. I am about ready to freeze our bank account for the next 7 days until he gets out of that expensive country. Hoping this binge drinking and spending doesnt promote more party nights when he gets back to OKN.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's been a while

Sorry, it's been over a week. Annie reminded me tonight that I needed to fill her in on what she already knows. Lot's of things have been happening around here lately.

I've started my work out regimen and healthy diet/lifestyle change. Except I had ONE piece of papa johns pizza tonight at our craft function. Like my fellow blogging friend Ashleigh, I too will do my weigh-ins on Sunday's. Last sunday was a whopping 1_7 pounds. Not gonna fill you in on the digit in the middle, too embarrassed. But once I get down to the normal numbers I will let you all know!

I am extremely tired, it has been a long busy week and tomorrow is my busiest day, kayaking in the morning, then board meeting, then to the movies. Then saturday I have to wake up and help set up a garage sale. I think all I want to do next week is sleep.

I miss my hunny tonight, weird because I have been a little frustrated with him these past 3 days...regarding his spending habits. Thinking tonight that if I had a family member here with me I could have just let them take care of nicole and I could have gone to ********* and stayed with my hunny in his hotel for a week. That would have been nice since they are in a 5 star, $$$$$ kick butt hotel. I feel cheated that I couldn't cash in on that opportunity. Sucks!

Well I am done, my brain is fried. Looking forward to tomorrow morning with some wildlife and some great ladies. Updates will be coming more frequently, I promise....I gotta keep ya'll filled in on my weight loss progress. Untill then, goodnight!