Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Pregnant!!

Yay!! So today I am 11 weeks pregnant. I announced it last week I believe to everyone. My close friends and family knew already but I just wanted to wait until we had seen the little nugget on the u/s. This time around I have decided to change to Tricare Standard and go to a civilian doctor and OB practice. I feel confident in the doctor I have chose and am excited for this new chapter in our lives! I've had morning sickness since week six and it seems that it is subsiding. There are a few things I can't bring myself to eat, or even think about. But mostly I am chugging along trying to get my appetite back. What makes this pregnancy extra special is that my sister is pregnant too!! She is due two months before me, July 8th. I am hoping to go home for June and July to see her, have a baby shower, and enjoy her delivery ;-) Ryan's got other top secret plans for work so I need to keep myself occupied while he is playing. Rachel is having a boy so hopefully I will be having a boy too. It will make the joint shower so much easier! Well this was just a quick update. More to come later :-) Good night!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Adventures

Well I think it might be time to upgrade nicole to a twin sized bed. She is growing out of her toddler bed very fast! We are very tight on money right now and I want to find something cute and affordable but with low price comes low quality. I found a bedroom SET at K-mart for $239 in our local store. Them same set is $199 online. I am worried that if we do purchase this it won't last long. But...maybe it will last until we do have the money to spend on a real bedroom set for her. I also want her to have a twin sized bed. Ryan seems to think that the full sized guest set we have is fine for her. I have other feelings. I feel like she needs her own bedroom set, cute white, girly, small. I would like to hear everyone's opinions and advice on how to "convince" him to let me get the set I found at k-mart. Check it out here:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching up....

My last post was before Halloween...oops! Here's a quick little catch up:

October 31st: Nicole dressed up as a candy corn witch for halloween, me...a sexy pilot. I bought her costume but got creative with mine and used one of ryan's old flight suits. Turned out awesome I think!

November was full of fun things, mostly preparing for Ryan's homecoming.

I got to hike in the rain with some great friends to the Manana Trail. We made it to the picnic table at the base of the climb to the summit. It rained the WHOLE time but it was a great, fun experience. What a wonderful morning with two great ladies:

I took Nicole to the Children's Discovery Center with Laura and Zach. They had so much fun fixing the car, learning about the heart, and exploring shapes!

Tried whale watching from the Makapu'u lighthouse trail. It was a bit windy and we got rained on a couple times. Also the whales had not made their way to Hawaiian waters yet so we will try again soon! :-)

Ryan came home from his 6-month deployment! Thanks to my friend Amanda for capturing some of the images of our reunion. We are so glad to have him back.

Had Thanksgiving at my friend Carmen's. We had a great time with our Ford Island friends.

December was pretty busy too and has FLOWN by! Ryan and I are thinking of expanding our family so we will see what happens in that department, for now we are having some fun. He is off work until Jan 6th and then will check in to our new command here in Hawaii. Lots of changes headed our way for the new year!!! So exciting!

My mom came to visit:

Here are a few images I captured on Pearl Habor Day:

Waihe'he Falls Hike:

Had a staycation in Waikiki for the VP-9 Christmas Party. It was a great time and we both looked fabulous.

Picked out the Perfect Christmas Tree after searching the island for a good tree at a good price.

Nicole's 3rd Birthday was so much fun and we were glad we could share it with Nicole's Grandma.

Christmas was a busy day! We went to church at Hope Chapel in Kaneohe for the Christmas Eve service. Nicole and I made cookies and she left some out for santa. She received many gifts from us, Santa, and friends and family across the USA. Thanks to everyone! We finished up Christmas Day with a short hiking trip and a honey maple ham!

Playing in the Rain: In Hawaii during the winter months it rains A LOT! Nicole and papa enjoyed some fun times playing in the showers!

Mommy and Nicole made pizza last night with flatbread and veggies. :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 weeks!!!

WOW!! We only have one month of deployment left. CRAZY!!!!

Things have settled down a bit since my grandparents left. I am working out double time since I didn't do much while they were here. Trying to run at least 3 miles a day. Also, tonight was the first time I had sugar in 3 days. I had some yummy peanut butter corn flake balls that Lauren brought over Sarah's tonight. Those were soooo good!! I guess it wasn't too much sugar?!?!

Things are really starting to sneak up on me. I have tons of things to finish up around this house before ryan gets home, one of which is painting our bedroom. It's about 25% done and I did about 3% today during Nicole's nap. I still have a few pictures to hang and I need to set up our guest room.

We've decided to save our money and stay here for the holidays. Bitter sweet but I am hoping I can convince my mom and sister to make their way here. I mean I have lived here for 5 years and they have only came out once!! I am also trying to get Ryan to take me to Maui for my (our) birthday in February. We have quite a bit of money saved up for a new roof in Florida but its looking like USAA might pay for it! Hopefully! If they do, we'll pay off our credit card and then with the extra left over I hope we can use for a trip. We'll see. I'll keep you updated!

Well it's 9:30 and I am really tired...ugh im getting old. Time for bed!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye to Fun

My grandparents left today :-(

We did many fun things while they were here. I am so proud of Dedad for climbing Koko Head and Mema for keeping up with us at Pearl Harbor, Mighty Mo, and the botanical gardens! Enjoy these pictures from their visit:

Breakfast at Duke's Canoe Club
Wish this was bigger but it is the view from the Tantulus Look-out in Honolulu


Always a fun time at Paradise Cove!
Took my 87 year old grandpa up koko head mountain


Went to the pumpkin patch and corn maze

We all had a great, busy time. Hoping I get to go home soon to visit everyone else!