Sunday, August 29, 2010

Over the Hump!

WOW!! Three months down, three to go! These last 3 months have been fill with joy, blessings, and wonderful friendships. I cannot believe how fast half way has came and went. We are on the back end of deployment and I am soooo Happy!

So many things to look forward to in the next 3 months. Moving, Grandparents visit, and maybe visiting Japan.

Last night we had our Over The Hump Party at Bellows AFB cabins. It was fun, the kids enjoyed themselves and it was great for the ladies to just hang out and enjoy each others company and a great BBQ. I can't wait to see some of the pictures!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flip Flopper

So I get my key for my new house on the 1st!! So excited!! Getting so excited to paint. I keep changing my mind. I have soooo many ideas. I think I want to paint the kitchen a light blue and dining room a light brown, both of which will be contrasting colors. The living room is giving me problems. I could go with the same brown that in the dining room or a darker brown. I am just painting a 2 1/2 foot wide stripe around the middle of the room. Nicole's room is set with purple and white picket fence on one wall. She has a purple, green, and teal bathroom so I am trying to pick from that. Thinking maybe just going with the same purple so I am not stuck with 15 different gallons of paint. My room I think I will do a green or tan. Green would not match my bed spread though. Downstairs bathroom will be green and I am not sure if I am painting my bathroom yet, depends on what color I have left. Ugh I cant decide!!

This blog was pointless, sorry. Can't wait to post pictures of the journey of painting and moving!


Race for the Cure Hawaii

Ok so I have formed a team this year for the Race for the Cure in October. The event is the 17th exactly one year and one day since my Aunt lost her fight with breast cancer. This walk for me is in memory of her, all that she stood for, all that she accomplished, and for all of the pain she had to endure during her long 12 year battle. She was a mother, a wife, a daughter, an aunt, a cousin, a sister, and a friend. Every step I take on October 17th will be for her, to honor and remember her and what an amazing woman she was. Please help me and join my team if you are in Hawaii. Just go to and click Join.

Now for the fun part, I need a team name, any suggestions?

breast buddies,
sole sisters,
thanks for the mammories,
save second base,
a journey of hope,
boobie bargade,
army of pink,
patti's angels,
bippity boppity boobs,
boobie patrol,
breast savers,
cancer sux,
kickin asphalt,
sole patrol,
save the melons,
for the girls,
girls gone pink,
tata warriors,
hula hooters (we can wear hula skirts over our shorts),
kancer kickers,
pirates of cure-ibean,
SOBs save our breasts,
simply the breast,
squeezin for a reason,
tata sisterhood,
breast savers,
quick steppers,
rack pack,
these girls are made for walking,
treasured chests

Monday, August 23, 2010

Light, Light, Light up the Sky

(My title is referencing a song I am listening to right now. It is amazing!)

What a wonderful week for me that has just passed. God has blessed me in so many ways this week and I am so thankful.

Forest City housing called and offered me a three bedroom on Ford Island. I, and many others, have been praying for this for a while. I know it sounds silly to "pray" for a bigger house near my friends but this has just been something I have been looking forward to for a long time and when I was told I didn't qualify for a house there my heart broke. So finally after maybe 2-3 weeks, I was blessed with a house, a perfect house. I move in the 4th. I am so excited to paint and decorate, and have a house warming party. I truly am so blessed!

Nicole has been doing so great at swim class this past week. It was her first week and she already is learning new things. Before she hated laying in the water on her back. She is a pro at it now and I even have her practicing in the bath tub. I am excited to see how she does this week. I plan on continuing her lessons until she can swim on her own. Papa want's to teach her how to surf, so swim comes first! In the words of Uncle Rob, "She's gonna be a ripper!"

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I have many things planned this week, 3 swim classes, 2 lemongrass shows, babysitting, attic inspection, Over The Hump! planning and party at the end of the week. Aloha!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


PLEASE!!!! let my house stay in Escrow this time!

Signing two offers today. The primary offer is the "A" family. The A family placed an offer back in April but Bank of America kept countering them at $251k, so they said forget it and walked away. The A family is now offering a whopping $225k, seriously? They WILL get countered at $251k again. If not higher. I feel like this is just a waste. We have a second offer for $235k. This is considered a back up offer incase the A family is not willing to pay what BoA counters at. Now we have a second back up offer for $255k. Seriously I know the 3rd offer will get approved but we have to wait for the other two people to drop out first. This is a waste of time, why can't we just put in the highest offer and get this over with!! It is looking like I will not be out of my condo before my grandparents get here.

I just need to catch a break!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sad Goodbye

Today Nicole and I said "Aloha" to one of our favorite families here on Oahu, The Stanford's. They are off to bigger and better things in Whidbey Island.

We wish them all the blessings that God will give them and hope we cross paths again one day.

We've had so many great times together and our girls have grown so close.

Nicole and Zoe at Waimea Falls

Nicole and Zoe's First kiss, lol

Heather, Kalia, and Me at my 26th birthday night

Nicole and Zoe at the Zoo

And my 27th Birthday Night, one that we don't remember that well ;-)

The girls when they were little

Enjoying some peaceful time at the Duck Pond

Nicole and Zoe's last dinner in Kailua, look how they have grown!!

Geof, Heather, and Zoe....

Aloha a Hui Hou!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tummy Trouble

So it's been 23 hours since I started vomiting. I know it's not something you want to read about but here's the timeline of my tummy sickness:

9:45pm (tues)- put nicole to bed at 9 and then lay down in my bed because I have an overwhelming feeling of yuck in my stomach. Try to go to sleep, hold in the yuck. Can't sleep so..
10:30pm- Here comes the yuck!
10:45pm- Cleaned up and passed out
12:03am- More Yuck
12:20am- More Yuck
1:13am- More Yuck and a lot this time
2:33am- Hubby finally gets online and we talk for a bit
2:51am-More Yuck then I finally get to sleep
6:15am- Nicole wakes up (this is extremely early for her) She asks for milk and I nearly pass out in the kitchen making it. I had to run to the toilet and grab my barf bowl while her milk was heating in the microwave. She did not go back to sleep after this but did bring me my water as I was drenched in sweat with a bowl full of yuck.
7:15am- We get out of bed after she watched Mickey on the computer and I try and sleep some more.

The rest of the day I felt like poo and couldn't bring myself to eat anything. It was miserable. I was cold, then hot, then cold again, now im cold but my feet are burning.

Now I bet that was interesting. I am off to bed now since I didn't get much sleep. The white bowl will come with me just incase!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

For Sale....

My house has been for sale, just thought I would share it with you. The pictures were taken before we moved in when the Tolbert's lived here. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What have I done!

So after living with my new hair cut for a few days I have begun to realize that I do not like it. It is high maintenance and I just can't get the straighter to work right for me. I am going to shove hair growing vitamins down my throat for the next month and hope it grows out some before my grandparents get out here. Never again will I get an a-line hair cut. It is cute when the girl fixes it but for some reason I am not as talented as the hair dresser. :-)

I've been using this new supplement called Jacked 3d. It gives me loads of energy but is not switching my brain into motivational mode. Like yesterday I got a lot of laundry done and all of my phone calls made and class sign ups done. Wish it will get my legs moving and out the door to work out.

I added 2 classes to my fall semester so now I am taking 4. They only overlap for 3 weeks so I have two fall A classes and two fall B classes. I just want to be done already. I think in the spring once Nicole starts pre-school I will be able to get more done and actually be able to take real classes and not online classes, you can only go so far with online classes in the nursing field.

I signed nicole up for private swim lessons. So exciting! It was pretty cheap 9 lessons for $55 except it is out in the middle of no where. Well not really no where, it's in Kahuku which is 45 mins from my house. And this will be every Mon, Wed, and Fri. It is only for 3 weeks so I guess it wont be so bad. And hopefully she will learn something!!

Well off to the post office, and I guess I will wear my running shoes and take nicole to Central Oahu Regional Park for a little jog and then play time at the park. Looking forward to game night tonight and having some fun.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Impossible Possibilities for the impossible part:

It is currently 8:26am. I have a housing appointment at 8:30am in Kaneohe...I do believe it is impossible to make my appointment. Morning are not good for me. Especially when I live 45 mins away. I am just going to get out of her as soon as I can and do a walk in. Hoping I get put back to 1st priority and I get a house in the new neighborhood by my Dayna ;-) Ford Island did not work out the way I thought it would...if we had another kid or Ryan was E7 they would have gladly put me there. But you know, Chief results are supposed to come out least rumor has maybe, maybe, by some miracle of God Ryan makes it! I have so many friends waiting for good news and I hope all of us get it!


So I have seriously been slacking on diet and exercise. I feel horrible and gross and ugly. I need to recommence Operation Sexy Wife. It's so hard, I feel like I am so busy. My last full day at home was LAST Friday and by the time I get home it is dark and too late to go out for a run or walk. And like I said before, morning are horrible in the Bruno's house. I NEED NEED NEED to make time for myself and to take care of myself.

Well off I go to my 'walk-in' appointment at housing.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Ewwww Get It Off of ME!!!!"

So what a wonderful day I was blessed with today. Many things to do, many people to see.

Church was great this morning. Pastor Carl talked about putting God as your cornerstone in life, not money, not family, not pride. He must be the cornerstone or all else will not stand and will fail. Loved the message.

Next was nap for Nicole and then we quickly headed to Bella's birthday party to drop off a gift and then we were off to see another friend in need.

Then I finally was able to meet some girls for dinner and celebrate a birthday. And while standing out front of the resturant I was hit, hit by a bird, pooping!!!! EWWWWWW!!!!!! I couldn't believe that I got crapped on by a bird. Oh wait and it trickled down to nicole. We both got it in our hair. Thankfully I had a couple true friends around to help me clean it off. Ugh, I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Apparently it is good luck.

All the while dropping Scentsy and Lemongrass off at every location I was at tonight. Wow I was busy!! And now I am tired!

Did not get to talk to my husband today. I think I missed my chance this morning when I was at church. That is ok though, since we talk everyday!

Housing appointment tomorrow but my darling hubby has forgotten to send me some important paperwork. Not sure if I should cancel my appt and just go when I get the papers I need or just go and have them turn me around and tell me to come back. Hmm...I'll call in the morning and see what they say.

No new news on the house, sadly. Maybe the bird crapping on my head is some good luck for my housing issue?? Hopefully we will hear something soon so I can have some time to move into my new place before my grandparents get here. So excited they are finally taking the trip to Hawaii. They have been all over the world, but never to Hawaii. Ready to be a tourist for a few weeks!!!

Good Night!!!!